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Shifman Richmond 12.5” Double-Sided Innerspring Queen Mattress

Joma wool and natural cotton offer plush comfort on both sides of this handmade queen mattress with a center of firm wrapped coils.
$2,199 $1,999

Shifman Cheyenne 15.5” Double-Sided Pillow Top Queen Mattress

Luxury queen mattress handmade with Joma wool and cotton, as well as individually wrapped coils for lasting, firm support.
$3,099 $2,999

Shifman Annapolis 15” Double-Sided Pillow Top Queen Mattress

Plush queen mattress is handmade with soft Joma wool and natural cotton on both sides, along with supportive individually wrapped coils.
$3,099 $2,999

Consumer Digest Odyssey 13.5” Euro Top Queen Mattress

Plush queen mattress in closeout fabrics features supportive wrapped coils, a Marvelous Middle® and cooling Outlast® Silver technology.
$739 $395

Symbol Advantage 16” Double-Sided Cushion Firm Queen Mattress

An organic cotton quilt and layers of soft foams on both sides surround a core of wrapped coils for a firm yet comfortable queen mattress.

Symbol Advantage 15” Double-Sided Plush Queen Mattress

Queen mattress offers twice the comfort with wrapped coils, cooling gel, plush memory foams and an organic cotton cover on both sides.

Consumer Digest Platinum 13.5” Euro Top Queen Mattress

Plush queen mattress features cooling gel memory foam over individually wrapped coils for advanced support and motion separation.
$739 $395

Enso Allure 8” Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Firm gel memory foam queen mattress offers conforming support, pressure relief and a cool feel beneath a soft, removable knit cover.

James & Owen Paisley 13.5” Hybrid Queen Mattress

Canada’s mattress store Dumps this plush Euro Top queen mattress with silk, wool, gel latex & thousands of coils for hundreds off the price.
$899 $699

iTwin Tori 14.5" Firm Queen Mattress

Queen mattress with thousands of supportive foam encased coils beneath pressure-relieving visco and cooling gel foam layers.

iTwin Hi Tech Protege 13” Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Plush queen mattress features conforming liquid gel foam and pressure-relieving gel bead layers with cooling Active Air Technology™.
$1,099 $588

iTwin Hi Tech Silhouette 11.5” Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Liquid and transition gel foam layers create a cool, responsive queen mattress that conforms to every unique curve of the body.
$1,299 $699

iTwin Melodic 14” Firm Queen Mattress

Queen mattress with individually wrapped coils and gel lumbar for solid, pressure-relieving support below extra firm air flow foam.

iTwin Melodic 14” Plush Queen Mattress

Plush queen mattress features individually wrapped coils and a pressure-relieving layer of cool gel foam beneath a luxurious pillow top.

iTwin Hi Tech Cirrus 11.5” Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Liquid gel and memory foam layers beneath a quick drying quilt create a queen mattress that feels as cool and soft as a cloud.
$1,299 $599

iTwin Hi Tech Forte 12” Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Plush gel and foam with enhanced air flow technology covered in a quick-drying quilt put this queen mattress in a class of its own.
$1,199 $488

iTwin Hi Tech Cumulus Luxe 13” Memory Foam Queen Mattress

American made queen memory foam mattress feels like a cloud with its conforming liquid gel foam layer and quick drying, soft quilt.
$1,499 $1,099

Heavenly Tight Top Queen Mattress

Tight top mattress features cooling gel, airflow memory foam, and hundreds of individually wrapped coils.
$309 $199

iTwin Black Macklin 14.5” Hybrid Queen Mattress

Luxury gel-infused memory foam and latex queen mattress offers contouring support with firm zoned coils to relieve pressure points.
$1,499 $1,299

iTwin Black Stanbury 18.5” Hybrid Queen Mattress

Euro top queen mattress with zoned foam encased coils, gel infused memory foam and latex covered by cooling wool and silk damask.

iTwin Black Natalie 14.5” Hybrid Queen Mattress

Euro top queen mattress with supportive zoned coils beneath layers of gel infused memory foam and latex with cooling air technologies.
$1,799 $1,599

Symbol Shadow 10” Hybrid Queen Mattress

Soft, natural cotton and cooling gel foam layered over memory foam and individually wrapped coils create this comfortable queen mattress.
$609 $299

iTwin Hotel Continental 14.5” Hybrid Queen Mattress

Handcrafted Euro top queen mattress features foam encased coils, cooling airflow, zoned support, and a luxury silk fiber quilt.
$899 $699

iTwin Tori 14.5" Plush Queen Mattress

Tight top queen mattress with cooling gel foam, pressure-relieving millennial coils and visco foam over individually wrapped coils.

Symbol Dream Weaver 7” Memory Foam Queen Mattress

A dense, deep structure core supports layers of conforming foams to ensure strength and stability for the life of this queen mattress.
$309 $149

iTwin Tori 17" Pillow Top Queen Mattress

Firm queen mattress features AirFlow and cooling gel memory foams atop thousands of foam encased coils for individualized support.

With a variety of exceptional queen mattresses at astonishingly low prices, The Dump has raised the bar when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. A longtime standard in the bedding industry, the queen size mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, creating a snug place for two partners to sleep side by side. Our queen size selection includes luxury latex mattresses from PranaSleep, handcrafted Airelooms and more.

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